The Palmtree Villas - AMENITIES

Although the immediate neighborhood of the Palm Tree Villas are already teeming with life and excitement, this does not mean you will not have fun when you are in the condominium. There are plenty of amenities in the Palm Tree Villas that can keep even the pickiest of residents occupied and satisfied.

First off, no upscale condominium complex will be complete without a swimming pool area and in this area, the Palm Tree Villas will not disappoint. Right at the center of the compound, between the four clusters, is a massively huge swimming pool, which is actually a combination of three kinds of pools. The majority of the pool is a lap pool, which is almost Olympic-regulations size, so you can use it as a lap pool when you want to work on your cardio but it is more likely that you will just want to lounge in the water to escape the unforgiving Metro Manila sun.

Adjacent to the main pool is a small and shallow wading pool, which is perfect when you have little toddlers. They can splash around, sit in the water and play with the other kids who live in the condo complex. There is also a whirlpool Jacuzzi on the other side of the swimming pool where you can just sit down, relax, and let the strong water jets massage your entire body.

If you want to work out, you don’t have to leave the compound. There is a completely furnished and fully equipped gym within the Palm Tree Villas. If you want to work on building muscle mass, there is a complete set of weights that you can choose from. There are also various other machines that you can use to sculpt and tone your body. Who needs an expensive gym membership when there’s already a perfectly good one right at your home?

If you are worried about the security and the privacy of your family, as all good heads of families should, you really don’t have to worry about it when you live in Palm Tree Villas. For starters, the only way in and out of the compound is through one of the several main gates. The entire compound is surrounded by a high concrete wall that is constantly monitored by a team of security experts. Speaking of the main gates, the guards posted there will not allow anyone inside the compound unless they have business with the residents, so you can say goodbye to unwanted visitors for good.

All residential units are equipped with smoke and fire detectors, and they are all provided with fire extinguishers instead a small fire breaks out in their units. If the fire gets really out of hand, the automatic sprinkler system will kick in and put out the fire. There are also security cameras installed in the public areas and in the hallways of the clusters, which means the security team will always have an eye out for anything that might endanger the residents.

These are just some of the many features and amenities that you can expect from the Palm Tree Villas. You will find out even more of these the moment you become a permanent resident of the place.


Ground Floor

  • Residential lobby with reception and lounge area
  • Two high-speed, interior-finished passenger elevators available per cluster
  • Security command center for 24-hour monitoring of all building facilities
  • Mail room for each cluster

Building Facilities/Services

  • Automatic fire sprinkler system for all units
  • Overhead water tank and underground cistern for ample water supply
  • Standby power generator for selected common areas
  • Building administration/security office


  • 2-level basement parking
  • Lap pool
  • Children’s pool
  • Changing rooms
  • In-water pool lounge
  • Outdoor spa
  • Mini park
  • Adult fitness station
  • Trellised pavilion
  • Multipurpose room
  • Children’s playground
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